One or Two Songs on Someone or Something, in Particular














»One or Two Songs, On Someone or Something, In Particular« (4’46”, 2007) shows the close-up of a young woman completely absorbed in her attempts to compose a song on an electric guitar. The video follows her engaging with this new instrument, improvising tunes and rhythms, and humming a song, which she has not yet found the words for. Although she is an untrained musician, we feel the joy she has in creating her own sounds and thinking of the words she wants to put to music. The laborious but still pleasurable act of learning to play an instrument, the picking out of harmonies on the fingerboard, the voice groping for possible melodies, show us the process of articulating a meaning of one’s own. The work thus celebrates the possibility and desire of inhibiting an unfamiliar territory by mastering a particular skill. Persisting in doing something, which one does not really know and thus overcoming one’s insecurities proposes and produces alternative modes within regulated systems.