My lifetime (Malaika)



My Lifetime (Malaika) Katarina Zdjelar

 Still image from  My Lifetime( Malaika)

My Lifetime (Malaika) features Ghana’s National Symphony Orchestra recorded in the National Theatre in Accra. The musicians play Malaika, originally a cheerful and empowering postcolonial composition that was famously performed by musical celebrities like Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte, Boney M. and many others. The orchestra was funded in the late 1950s when Ghana, under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, had become independent from the United Kingdom. Nkrumah’s government introduced new cultural structures in order to establish and enforce national consciousness and accomplish the shift from colonial rule to independence.
As in Zdjelar’s other works never fully comprehend a whole stage, but are only provided with some fragmented clues through details and close-ups. Again we are almost haunted by the rhythm of a temporal and social in-betweenness. It is as if we could discern traces of events that have already happened, but somehow remains and resonates with the music – an undecided waiting-room for some delayed future or possibly a suspended one.

My Lifetime (Malaika) installation view photo by SpazioALodz My Lifetime MalaikaLodz My lifetime Malaika A Song_Y6B7794