Not A Pillar Not A Pile (Tanz fur Dore Hoyer)

Not A Pillar Not A Pile (Tanz fur Dore Hoyer)

4 channel video, 5’50” loop; and a woodcut floor, 2017

171201-PrixdeRome-Katarina Zdjelar-1806 

“Not a Pillar not a Pile (Tanz fur Dore Hoyer)” is inspired by archival documents from an all women’s dance studio founded in 1945 in post-war Dresden by Dore Hoyer, a choreographer and expressionist dancer, whose choreographies took the graphic works of artist Käthe Kollwitz as their departure point. Zdjelar’s new flm installation departs from this artistic meeting between Kollwitz and Hoyer as a manifestation of shared affnities with (proto) feminist pacifsm, solidarity and collective transformation across the barriers of time, class and social difference. Drawing the past into the present, Zdjelar has gathered an international group of dancers and activists to create this flmic work. Their costumes and the flm set bear a pattern created by women workers of Pausa textile factory in Germany, whose anti-facist resistance resonates with that of Hoyer and of Kollwitz, whose graphic works are in turn echoed in the wood cut foor panels. In the resulting flm installation one body encounters another as a site of resistance and possibility, pointing to the fragile agency of collective action in the present.

171201-PrixdeRome-Katarina Zdjelar-1865

 171201-PrixdeRome-Katarina Zdjelar-2025171201-PrixdeRome-Katarina Zdjelar-2012   

*All images are from the exhibition Prix de Rome at Kunsthal in Rotteram, taken by Daniel Nicolas