The motto of today


Still image from »The motto of today« 

»The motto of today« enfolds during the World Refugee Day celebration in an asylum center in Slovenia. It features the same men as in »Rise Again«, refugees who live in the asylum center while they are waiting for their answer whether they can stay in the country or whether they will face deportation. The video combines two types of footage: Zdjelar’s filmic documentation of the World Refugee Day ceremony in the asylum center, where the refugees have to act in front of the politicians, blending in mobile phone clips recorded by the refugees themselves in the woods of Croatia when illegally crossing the border. With the footage of the WRD ceremony paying specific attention to the off-stage events, focusing on ‘insignificant’ imagery, never encountering the setting in front view, or revealing a single panoramic shot, Zdjelar violates the basic rules of reportage.

»The motto of today« and »Rise Again« can be shown separately or subsequently as one work (duration 31’32’’). Together they form a diptych deploying and confronting different modes of performativity, which these men find themselves in, reflecting the social and political implications in their presence.