Untitled (A Song), 2016, 10’25” loop

Untitled ( A Song) Katarina Zdjelar

In her observations of the band at rest or at play, Zdjelar captures something we struggle to maintain, even in artistic practice — namely,inactivity, the freedom to inhabit an atemporal space as a necessary condition for creation, which is more than only production. Throughthe inactivity of waiting, through the temporary suspension of production, we stumble on “pure, disinterested play”, or moreprecisely “a space in which calculation and play appear to blur intoeach other”. It is precisely in its playful humming of possibilitythat “Untitled (A Song)” prompts us into action, or, more precisely,non-action, which we feel instinctively, is the only way forward, ifaction is to have consequence. As viewers, we are gently lulled out oftime, away from the conflict of waiting, to feel the value of thewaiting moment itself. Watching the video’s protagonists, weexperience the fragile and powerful space of artistic creation, abeing-in-the-world through poiesis. (excerpt from a text by Lucy Cotter)

Untitled (As Song) installation view (photo by Benjamin Matte) Untitled (A song) 2 installation view (photo by Benjamin Matte)