We need to have civil consciousness and basta











»We need to have civil consciousness and basta« (8′, 2010) focuses on a group of concerned citizens in Naples who are gathered around the joint idea of making a political turn. The video follows a crucial meeting, in which they decide whether to become a political party or not. Rather than evolving around the participants’ standpoint, concrete proposals, agreements and disagreements, the work looks at the momentum of transition, in which citizen-enthusiasts become politicians. The work refers to the history and legacy of change based on discussion-like forms developed in the 70’s,which isenhanced through a visual analogy to the opening scene of Antonioni’s ‘Zabriskie Point’. »We need to have civil consciousness and basta« is characterized by the ambiguity of ‘taking action’ and the passivity that seems to manifest itself in the body language and facial expressions of the portrayed citizens. It was filmed during Berlusconi’s mandate.